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Hutchinson Salt City Pride is an annual Pride event in Hutchinson, Kansas. We work year-round to ensure that our event is fun, safe, and accessible for all people in the LGBTQ+ community. In the past, our events have featured Drag Queen Story Hour, informational speakers, vendors, crafts, a pageant and more! We look forward to Pride 2024 and hosting our first annual Statewide Pride in addition to Hutchinson Salt City Pride.

Featured Media

The Hutchinson News - Hutchinson Pride event brings hundreds of people downtown - June 21, 2023

The Hutchinson News - Salt City Pride will host statewide event in 2024 - June 22, 2023


"I have been attending HUTCH Pride since the first year and was honored enough to be crowned the first Miss Salt City Pride. From that year forward I have never felt more love and support from an organization as I do from this one! I am a better person and performer because I have had Hutch Pride and my Salt City Royalty by my side at every turn! Please come and experience this community as it will quickly become your family!"

-Starla Nyte Carmichael

"JuJu Noir has been in the art of female illusion since December of 2010. She has enjoyed performing and capturing titles around the country. The most recent title being Miss Salt City Pride 2019, Her 3 year reign was squandered by the Covid19 pandemic. But, in the craziness of the pandemic, JuJu felt isolated but, also the nurturing and philanthropic nature of Hutchinson Salt City Pride. While she may have felt that way, the PEOPLE of Hutchinson made sure that she knew she was a beloved member of their community. Vigor renewed at her step down; JuJu (with her sisters Starla and Krysta) created The Salt City Sisters Scholarship Fund. To anyone looking for an organization to join, a place to call home, or a good time! Hutchinson Salt City Pride is THAT place! All inclusive to them means all inclusive, PERIOD! She has loved their involvement so much and looks forward to returning every year! "

-JuJu Noir

"What I love most about Salt City Pride is that it’s about the community and the respectability of all ages and ethnicities. I love how charitable Salt City Pride is not just for Hutchinson but the entire Kansas LGBTQ+ community. I feel at home knowing that my family and friends can enjoy being themselves, surrounded by nothing but love!"

-Brihanna Jayde

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